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Each issue of 'Your Membership Exchange' and 'Your Membership Community & Commentary' is delivered to 700,000+ web marketers, as of December 1, 2001. Publishing a Showcase is as easy as filling out the order form and completing just three steps. You also have the opportunity at no additional cost to trade links with our members (see order form for details). LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Only 10 Showcases available per issue. 

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"Your Membership Exchange" is published Monday through Thursday, and is THE place for our subscribers to exchange ideas with other members, ask questions, discuss topics they are interested in, freely trade links with others, and even have their site reviewed by other members.

"Your Membership Community & Commentary" is published each Friday, and through this newsletter our subscribers hear from the best guest authors on the net and learn new marketing strategies, how to increase traffic and business, and how to capitalize on the power and potential the web brings to every Net-preneur.  Also, all subscribers have the opportunity to share in the successes and failures of other members, with firsthand accounts from our members on how to succeed.  All subscribers have the potential to have their website spotlighted in our 'Center Stage' feature, freely trade links with other members, and/or to share their website strategies.

'Your Membership' publications are published using Lyris technology.  This software  ensures that all addresses subscribed to the list are valid and that there are no duplicates, and offers immediate unsubscribe and change address links - this means our subscribers WANT to receive to our publications. 

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