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Why you should participate in the Your Membership newsletter
Q. Why would I want to take the time and answer questions or review other members websites? A. There are many benefits to participating in the Your Membership publications.  Exposure for your own site, help when you need it, establishing your own credentials, and the feeling of doing your good deed for the day.  First, when you answer a question you receive publicity for your own site since your signature file (your name and URL, etc.) are published along with your answer.  Also, helping people and sharing your experience is very rewarding, and, if and when the time comes when you need help, you'll find people more responsive.  You also can build a reputation as being an expert in your field.  Second, when you participate with a critique for the website reviews, you can also have your website reviewed, giving you even more exposure and it can also alert you to problems with your site or improvements you should make.  Third, all issues of the ezine are archived, providing links to your site for a long time to come.

Participate with Questions and Answers
Q. How do I submit a question?
A. Do you have a burning question about promoting your website, html design, or anything that is hindering your online success? Submit your questions to MyInput.  Include as much information as possible to get the most helpful answers.

Q. How do I answer a question?
A. If you've learned from your own trials and errors and are willing to share your experience, look over the questions each day, and if you have an answer or can provide help, post your answer to MyInput.  Be sure to include your signature file with your answer so you get credit (and exposure to your site).

Q. Why aren't the answers for a question posted in the same issue as the original question?
A. Questions from members are posted in the order we receive them.  Other members then see the questions and if they have the knowledge to reply they send in their reply.  Since the questions are answered by other members they first need a chance to see the question in one issue, and thus answers are posted in a following issue.

Participate with Website Reviews
Q. How do I get my own website reviewed and critiqued?
A. The Website Reviews have been a very successful feature,  providing informative critiques of websites for our members. To have your site reviewed, first you must review three sites already on the list.
To provide a review, take a look at any of the sites and spend 5 - 10 minutes or more looking at it, and checking out the different links. As you do so, notice what you do like, what you don't like, and what recommendations or suggestions you can give. Consider the layout, if you understand what is being said, and how you think it could be improved. Saying you like the site is nice for the site owner to hear, but also tell them WHY. View the site as if you were considering doing business or purchasing from the site. If you wouldn't go back to the site or buy from the site, explain why.  The more specific you can be, the more helpful your critique will be to the website owner.  Be sure to reference the site(s) you are reviewing either by their URL or site number,  and send your critique to MyInput.
When you send in your review, we will not publish your email address or information with your review.  We want honesty, not ego stroking, and this works best if the reviews are anonymous. You can pick out three sites at one time, or send them in whenever you feel like it.  We even have some members who find that performing reviews helps them notice new things for their own site and continue to send in critiques long after they have met the requirements.
We'll keep track of the reviews you do, but make sure atleast one of your messages come with your name and URL so that we know which site you would like reviewed when it comes time to add your information to the list. We do not review affiliate/mirror sites.

Q. Where can I find the websites to review?
A. In issues of our newsletter we will have a listing of "Sites up for Future Review", which can be found under the most recently reviewed site.  Choose any of the sites listed and following the instructions above on reviewing sites, send your critique to MyInput

Participate by submitting Tips, Articles,
or your own Success Story
Q. How do I submit an article, marketing hint, tip, etc.? A. If you have a marketing hint, product recommendation, or online
gem of wisdom you'd like to share with your fellow subscribers, send it in and include your name and URL or  email address so we can give you credit for your words of wisdom.  Send in your contribution to

Q. What kind of articles do you except? A. Our newsletter is mailed in html format, and we accept articles in either text or html format (no attachments), and recommended sites and/or tips as they are sent in. We do not have a limit on length, but maintain the right to split an article into two parts to be published in consecutive issues.  We welcome all submitted articles, and our subscribers are most interested in building and marketing their website(s); promotion; and resources and technology that can help them create and maintain a successful online business.  Feel free to submit any article you feel could benefit our readers.  We do not pay for articles, but we always include a  resource box / author information with up to 8 lines  of promotion for the author.  Submit all articles to

Q. What if I have a question that is not answered here? A. You can contact the editor of the 'Your Membership' publications at, with 'YM Submission Questions' in the subject line.