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Why advertise with us?

5+ Reasons Why To Advertise With A
Membership Showcase in
'Your Membership' Publications

  1. Interaction. Our publications are read. Input into the "Your Membership Exchange" is 100% subscriber input - You can't publish a daily ezine with that kind of participation if it's not being read. Our audience is loyal and looks forward to receiving our publications.
  2. Tracking. With online advertising and using simple URL's and email addresses in your Showcase you can track response quickly and easily.
  3. Branding. By reaching our 700,000+ subscribers you can quickly build your own brand awareness with repeat advertising. Get your web site address in front of hundreds of thousands of people in one day.
  4. Time. You don't have to wait weeks or months to see if your advertising is effective. Special promotions and offers can see immediate results.
  5. Low Cost. Online advertising in 'Your Membership' publications is less expensive than offline advertising methods. Put your ad in front of 1,000 people for less than five dollars.
    We offer the ability to Trade Links with your Showcase without having to give up valuable advertising space.  Trading Links with other websites has become more important as search engines use outside links for determining positioning with search results. Decide to include your email address with your Showcase and have people contact YOU to Trade Links and raise your search engine placement.